"We have constructed a world in which we are seemingly content, yet we strive for disconnection in a culture centered around connection." 

The writing above is meant to serve as a preface which is seen on the spine of the book.  

This project started to explore the idea of privacy public space throughout our day-to-day lives. I set up a security camera in Boston, MA on a footbridge that connects Allston to Lower Allston.

 I hoped to see what reaction it would get, the camera was not hidden and in a easy to see location. Most people go on their way without even noticing the camera others notice and get really close. While doing this project one of the cameras was destroyed with a brick and another was smashed and then later stolen. 

The book is 340 pages organized from day to night, the pages were distilled down from 10'000 photos that were archived on a SD card over a two week period.