1/10/13 Update by Brian Green

So i have been really busy lately and have been slacking on this blog so i figured i would make a little update to let people know what is going on.

Right now im getting ready to move back to Boston and it looks like ill be moving into my place and setting up shop around the 23rd so that is taking up a lot of my time along with the million things I am doing.

Last night i started making VHS glitch designs for some throw pillows i have been wanting to make, Im going to try to make one or so a month if i can find time. Here is one of the ones i did last night.

While at a thrift store tuesday i was able to pick up two vhs-c cameras for around 18$ i need to get another battery as the one i have dies pretty quickly but i was able to start doing some stuff i want to start doing with chill ambient music like this.

If anyone has any VHS Cameras, Vcr's or things of that nature they would like to donate to what I am doing it would help out a lot.

Along with everything above i am still going strong with the meditation sessions and will have a 7" record of one coming out some time next month as well as uploading session 40 soon.

Other than that i have many more projects i will be announcing upon my arrival to Boston, If you have any interest in working on anything please get in touch and we will figure something out.

Start Of Orlando Day Two / Update by Brian Green

I went to bed last night around 1am and woke back up around 6am this morning. So due to not being able to sleep i have decided to be productive i am working on this site finally working on new sections for upcoming things such as zines and skethces i have been working on. I will hopefully be doing a zine today with Hope pretty much just filled with randomness that we find throughout the day.

If all goes as planned as of Jan 2013 i will be doing art full time, so fingers crossed and ether way expect a lot more work before that as well.

Time to load some 15 year old film and start the day,