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Traveling North To Boston by Brian Green

Yesterday morning i packed up a friends car and made the 17 hour drive from South Carolina to Boston, Here is some photos and video i took along the way.

Milltown Cassette by Brian Green

Around 2009 i started going to a old mill that had been shut down in 75' to take field recordings on a regular basis, I had collected them for and sat on most of them until this year when i decided it would be fun to use them in a tape that would later be called Milltown.

The sounds collected are anything from natural ambience to using parts of the mill almost as a instrument. In this video you see me recording the turning of gears in a electrical box. Most of the recordings for this project were taken with a little zoom H4 handheld recorder.

Above you can see some footage of various parts of the mill i took video of back when i was recording.

Below you can see the finished cassette with hand hammered pine case. It is a limited edition run of 50 so get it while you can. Pick of a copy from A Giant Fern.