Hand Rolled Gold by Brian Green

I havent been posting as much lately because i have been really busy with a skateboard company i am starting called Hand Rolled Gold, it has been a dream since high school to do this and im finally taking the leap. If you could please go check out the site and if you want a board pre order because that is the only way i can make this happen wether you want to ride it or just hang it up it would help or you can donate any ammount and it will go towards production. Thank you so much.

Orlando Skate Session by Brian Green

Decided to meet up with Harrison today and go for a little skate session and hangout, The day was a bust due to a cops at the first spot and then rain later in the day, tho i am happy the cops did not bitch about me being on the roof to get the opening angle.

Heres some throw away footage but i wanted to post to document the fun day. Harrison also brought a super 8 camera with him to shoot some. The skater in the footage in Jimmy Kehrer. The guy who owned the building we were skating was nice enough to let us when we asked him so at least something nice happend today, you can see him working in the background of the shots.