Shoot With Tasha Otte In Akron, Ohio by Brian Green

Me and my buddy Keith left my place around 1am this morning and headed up to Akron, Ohio to shoot the lovely Tasha Otte in a little motel room. I brought some instax and various expired 35mm with me as well as a dslr to shoot some video. Below is some footage and photos taken along the trip.

Orlando Weekend Day Two by Brian Green

For my second day here in Orlando me and Hope just had some Pizza and drove around taking photos of randomness and watching things on netflix for most of the day/night it was a relaxing weekend and i will never get sick of these trips to places.

Rogue of the Suicide Girls by Brian Green

I just traveled up to Ohio to photograph Rogue of the Suicide Girls and this is some footage of my trip up there and as we start to shoot. Check out the photos on my website and blog since they are too much to show here. Thanks for checking out the work you can view more of her in the photography section.

Some Shots From This Week by Brian Green

Here is some shots i have taken with my Instax 210 this week. Most are from a trip i took to North Carolina for some work deliveries.

Roadside Nude by Brian Green

I met up with a model this afternoon near her school to school we were on a time crunch to shoot before her class started so we could not go far so i decided to just shoot her on the side of the road in some brush.

New Instant / Film Toys by Brian Green

I decided to go pick up a few things today to mess around with, looking to setup more shoot soon.

Photographing Cam Damage by Brian Green

I had a lovely shoot yesterday and part of today with Camille at the lake and in a very sketchy motel up the road. Here is some of the work i shot of her throughout the two days. Hoping to work with her again down the road when i fly out that way. See more photos in my photo section.