Downtown Orlando Suicide by Brian Green

When i was out shooting this morning i was trying to take a photo of a bike cop writing a ticket, I seen him go around to corner about two streets ahead of me so i thought i would try to cut him off by going down the street between us. I heard a loud thud as i was walking around the corner of a building and to my surprise there was a body laying there. A lady jumped out of a parking garage and fell through the awning of the building below and then hit the pavement. Not even a minute or two after i had made it around the corner a bunch of cops showed up and i just started shooting.


The detective on the scene told me she would take my camera as evidence if i continued to keep shooting, I informed her i was well within my rights and finished my work.

I will take your photo, like it or not. by Brian Green

I was shooting a lot of gentlemen in uniform today as well as suits. I was trying to get a bike traffic cop but kept missing him. Finally near the end of the day one was riding towards me and i seen my chance so i lifted my camera and took the shot, I could see him whip his bike around and this is what happened.

What a lot of people do not understand is you do not have a right or expectation of privacy while in public, Period. Some security and low level law enforcement who are not trained properly are not aware of this some times as well but plain and simple if you are in a public space law says i can take a photo of whoever and whatever i want, No one is free from my lens.

The only people i wont take photos of most of the time unless i ask or make friends with is the homeless because at the end of the day these everyday people choose to come and be in public but a lot of the homeless do not have a choice and it is their home so i try to give them that privacy. In my time doing this however most homeless are more than eager to sit and talk with me as well as be photographed.