Street Moments From Orlando by Brian Green

I was staying down in Orlando Florida for the month of May and I was more active going out and doing my street work. Here is some of the work I shot while staying down there.  Its a shame out of anywhere I shoot i have the most negative run-ins in Florida, Face it people/police if im in a public space your at the will of my camera. 

Click Here : And watch some footage of the guy in the first photo trying to intimidate me into deleting my memory card.  

Waking Up To What You Know by Brian Green

Im not sure where to even start with this, I really want to thank everyone who has been so very supportive of my meditation work since day one.

When i started writing these pieces I was doing it for my use mainly and then more and more people started to get enjoyment and help from them just like me. It was so moving but at the same time it worried me cause I was not sure what I was going to keep doing with these and so on.

While spending some time down in Florida and South Carolina before returning to Boston I really woke up and realized that this was what I really needed to be doing. I found myself waking up more and more until it became a every morning thing where I dont even think about it anymore I just record these pieces as they come to me.

Now they are coming at a rate where I cant even keep up, And im ok with that.

I look forward to bring as much of this work to as many people as I can over the time that is given to me. 

So thank you again everyone who has been in support of this work.

Below are some photos taking during part of my time down in Florida.

Orlando Skate Session by Brian Green

Decided to meet up with Harrison today and go for a little skate session and hangout, The day was a bust due to a cops at the first spot and then rain later in the day, tho i am happy the cops did not bitch about me being on the roof to get the opening angle.

Heres some throw away footage but i wanted to post to document the fun day. Harrison also brought a super 8 camera with him to shoot some. The skater in the footage in Jimmy Kehrer. The guy who owned the building we were skating was nice enough to let us when we asked him so at least something nice happend today, you can see him working in the background of the shots.

Mt. Dora Flea Market Trip by Brian Green

This morning i had the pleasure of going to a big flea market that happens a few times a year in My.Dora, Fl and was able to take some lovely photos and pick up some camera stuff as well. Here are some photos i took

The film is a mixture of expired from 2007.

The film is a mixture of expired from 2007.

Orlando Weekend Day One by Brian Green

I will be spending the weekend down in Orlando, Fl with Hope shooting and hanging out. Here is some photos off of a roll of fuji 35mm i short during the flight here and some instax and polaroid viva 88 expired film shots as well as a video of shoot our first day.