Mt. Dora Flea Market Trip by Brian Green

This morning i had the pleasure of going to a big flea market that happens a few times a year in My.Dora, Fl and was able to take some lovely photos and pick up some camera stuff as well. Here are some photos i took

The film is a mixture of expired from 2007.

The film is a mixture of expired from 2007.

Kodak Gold From The Attic by Brian Green

So my mom found some of our lost rolls of Kodak Gold 35mm in the attic last week, I decided to take some to a friend up to Wallgreens tonight and have him develop five of the rolls for me. Here is some footage i took during the night and some of the photos from a roll i shot in 2004.

Orlando Weekend Day Two by Brian Green

For my second day here in Orlando me and Hope just had some Pizza and drove around taking photos of randomness and watching things on netflix for most of the day/night it was a relaxing weekend and i will never get sick of these trips to places.

Start Of Orlando Day Two / Update by Brian Green

I went to bed last night around 1am and woke back up around 6am this morning. So due to not being able to sleep i have decided to be productive i am working on this site finally working on new sections for upcoming things such as zines and skethces i have been working on. I will hopefully be doing a zine today with Hope pretty much just filled with randomness that we find throughout the day.

If all goes as planned as of Jan 2013 i will be doing art full time, so fingers crossed and ether way expect a lot more work before that as well.

Time to load some 15 year old film and start the day,

Disposable Michigan Trip by Brian Green

I took one of my disposable Kodak cameras with me on my trip to Michigan recently and these are some images that i took during the trip.