Meditation Session 149 by Brian Green

I am working on a few of these sessions today to have them upload over the days while I am driving down south so you guys will have some stuff to listen to. With all of this moving it has been hard to keep up with this blog but I plan on doing a better job with it now.  Here is session 149 I recorded it this morning when I woke up from a nap.  

Meditation Session 148 by Brian Green

I sat down and recorded session 148 tonight, Im going to be driving down to South Carolina with Casey this weekend to grab all my bowls and other things from my parents house, I had been storing things there until I stopped hoping around all the time and since I plan to be in Ohio until we move out west. Now seems like the right time to do so. Thanks for listening to this session and I hope you enjoy it and everything to come. 

The Start Of A New Shades Of Waves Record by Brian Green

This is the start of the fourth installment to the project. This release will be done on a 7" record.

In the second week of Jun Mitchell took a two week trip to LA and Portland and along his adventures he recorded some videos of some sounds using his I-phone for us to process. In this video you have a chance to hear the sounds and what is done with them.

You can always check out everything at www.shadesofwaves.com