Late Night Adventures by Brian Green

My phone died last night while we were out the other night and I forgot my camera so I used my girls crappy cell phone to take pictures throughout the night. Here is some of them. 

Exploring In The Woods by Brian Green

Me Casey and Jennifer decided to go for a little ride to the boat loading the other day and when we got there we decided to follow a little path into the woods and see where it would take us, and of course I made sure to have a few cameras in hand.  


SUPER VHS by Brian Green

Im starting to work on more and more vhs stuff, I have always loved the warmth it brings to colors and have always been a big fan of the medium. I recently obtained a super vhs camera and will be doing a lot more work with that format now, I hope to be able to obtain more equipment as well. If anyone has anything laying around they would like to donate please get in touch. 

Below is a photo taken yesterday while i was out shooting some light leak stuff.