Adventure Down South by Brian Green

Me and Casey packed up a rental car thursday night (the 18th) and headed down south. We were going there to visit my family and get my singing bowls I left at my moms house while I was traveling a lot. We decided to make this trip a loosely planned adventure acting on impulse quite a bit and that led to a lot of thrift store stops, we also swam under a waterfall.

During this trip we spend time in Anderson, Sc Myrtle Beach, Sc And Chapel Hill, Nc.

This blog post is a handful of the photos taken during the trip and they are in no certain order.

Tides by Brian Green

I have been at the beach for the past few days getting recordings to make my new tape and it is finally done. The tape is a limted to 10 c30 release. Once its gone its gone so check it out below and if you like it please support the work I am doing.