Meditation Session 148 by Brian Green

I sat down and recorded session 148 tonight, Im going to be driving down to South Carolina with Casey this weekend to grab all my bowls and other things from my parents house, I had been storing things there until I stopped hoping around all the time and since I plan to be in Ohio until we move out west. Now seems like the right time to do so. Thanks for listening to this session and I hope you enjoy it and everything to come. 

Meditation Session 29 by Brian Green

I uploaded session 29 in my meditation series to Youtube tonight.

I will more than likely fit in at least two more sessions before the end of the year but the more i am able to do and put out the better.

I have been getting a lot of positive feedback about these sessions and it means a lot.

Next year i hope to purchase more bowls and or work with bowl companies to further what i am doing with the meditation work.