Roadside Nude by Brian Green

I met up with a model this afternoon near her school to school we were on a time crunch to shoot before her class started so we could not go far so i decided to just shoot her on the side of the road in some brush.

Trip To Atlanta To Take Photos Of Alicia by Brian Green

I drove down to atlanta today to shoot with Alicia, I took seveal packs of Polaroid Viva 88 and Fuji Fp-100c, and a Instax mini that i just picked up for the shoot, The main camera i used was my Mamiya Rb67.

Photographing Cam Damage by Brian Green

I had a lovely shoot yesterday and part of today with Camille at the lake and in a very sketchy motel up the road. Here is some of the work i shot of her throughout the two days. Hoping to work with her again down the road when i fly out that way. See more photos in my photo section.

Shooting In North Carolina by Brian Green

I had a fun 6 hour round trip drive today to shoot a model in the back woods of North Carolina. We started out on a cliff side and then worked out way to the middle of a decent size creek. I did this shoot with a Mamiya Rb67 & a Polaroid Colorpack both of which i was shooting Fuji fp-100c pack film in.