Singing Bowl Session With Olan Rogers by Brian Green

I am happy to launch the start of this new series, The first session is recorded with Olan Rogers, We went to a ally and recorded after a photo shoot he came to Boston to do with me. 

Basically the series is going to be a collective album made up of singing bowl sessions done with friends and acquaintances and even complete strangers willing to be a part of the album. 

If we cross paths and you would like to be a part of this please get in touch.  

I will be in Boston until the 28th of this month if anyone here wants to be a part of this.

Material For New Tape "Dark Grey" by Brian Green

When i went to New York two years ago to take some field recordings, I never put everything to use because I took a good amount, so over the past year i have been fitting some into my work and after taking a little break from releasing tapes I am now finishing up some work with them that i hope to release on a tape with a label I recently reached out to.

The piece is 14 minutes long and is made completely of the New York field recordings no other sounds were used.

Here is the location in Brooklyn where the sounds were recorded. They were recorded with a Zoom H4 handheld recorder.  ↳

Below is some footage taken while recording the final piece the finished audio can be heard throughout the video as well.

↑ Here is some footage i took while recording sounds on a balcony in Brooklyn during my two day stay.


Meditation Session 29 by Brian Green

I uploaded session 29 in my meditation series to Youtube tonight.

I will more than likely fit in at least two more sessions before the end of the year but the more i am able to do and put out the better.

I have been getting a lot of positive feedback about these sessions and it means a lot.

Next year i hope to purchase more bowls and or work with bowl companies to further what i am doing with the meditation work.

12/01/12 by Brian Green

Yesterday i worked on some sound stuff and video stuff while i was out and about, Nothing bit but just a little minimal thing.

I will try to do more this week, I just realized last night that my friend Clay who used to run a label that ive released on called HandrolledGold lives right up the road from where im at in Florida so we will be taking a trip down to Miami tuesday for some photo adventures. Maybe i will do some field recordings while there.