Orlando Skate Session by Brian Green

Decided to meet up with Harrison today and go for a little skate session and hangout, The day was a bust due to a cops at the first spot and then rain later in the day, tho i am happy the cops did not bitch about me being on the roof to get the opening angle.

Heres some throw away footage but i wanted to post to document the fun day. Harrison also brought a super 8 camera with him to shoot some. The skater in the footage in Jimmy Kehrer. The guy who owned the building we were skating was nice enough to let us when we asked him so at least something nice happend today, you can see him working in the background of the shots.

oh look a installation piece by Brian Green

While i was in Miami this week to do some street photography i just so happens it was the same week they were hosting Art Basel which is an amazing support of art but on the flip side of the coin brings out a lot of self entitled people. While walking along the galleries the first night there was a homeless guy sleeping sitting up near a tree and out of no where this girl comes running up with her designer shoes and bag talking talking "I should Instagram him that would be so funny, Oh look a installation piece" so while she was occupied with her phone i decided to pull out my little canon point and shoot that i had loaded a roll of Kodak Bw400cn in and take a photo. For a photo taken at night with a cheap camera and obnoxious flash i am pretty happy with how it turned out. It is sad the way some people act to say the least.

Miami 1.jpg
Here is another photo i took during the trip. The officer is walking up to the car because the person just got out of their car to confront the person behind them for honking their car horn.

Here is another photo i took during the trip. The officer is walking up to the car because the person just got out of their car to confront the person behind them for honking their car horn.

Double Exposure Twigs Shirt by Brian Green


I have never been a big fan of all the graphic shirts out now days as i always tend to like more abstract work, So i figured i would take some time and make something id like to wear today. I shot a double exposure photo using a Hasselblad 500cm onto Fuji pack film. Here is what i think the shirt will look like. If this turns out well i might start doing limited runs of abstract stuff on shirts for those interested.

Trip To Miami by Brian Green

I got home last night from a little two day trip to Miami with my buddy Clay. It was not as packed as i thought it would be but people were still as impatient as ever so no worries.

Here are some images i took along the trip, I have a roll Kodak bw400Cn to still get developed but this is most of what i shot.

Miami Market Windown.jpg

Aside from taking photos i took some video to document the trip below is a little vlog featuring the footage and some music i made from sounds collected in Miami.

From The Past Week by Brian Green

While packing my bag for some shooting this week i figured i would post some stuff not in my gallery. Here is some stuff that i have shot throughout this week.

Future America, Blacks Not Included by Brian Green

While downtown this afternoon i met this homeless gentleman, Alexander Coleman.

He was a very upbeat and cheerful guy, Just what i needed for a dark and cloudy day.

Alexander Coleman 2.jpg

We spoke for a little bit and he told me about a book he was working on while living under a bridge up the road the book is to be titled "Future America, Blacks Not Included". When done talking i asked if he would mind me taking a photo or two of him and he said that it was fine after i showed him some prints i had in my bag.

Dump Truck Struck By Miami-Bound Amtrak Train by Brian Green

I was taking photos downtown today like every other normal day and i decided to grab some lunch, While eating the news came on that a dump truck was struck by a Amtrak train headed to Miami only a few miles away so i packed up my camera stuff and rushed to hop in my car to see what was going on.

Train 1.jpg

I got onto the tracks and walked as close as i could get to snap a few photos before leaving the scene. The driver of the dump truck is the only one who had fatal injuries.

Train People .jpg

Birds Are The Eyes Of God by Brian Green

Today met this guy Anthony after i had finished with my morning pizza i talked with him for a little bit and took a picture before going on my way.

Later i seen Keith (speedy) again feeding birds and i went over to talk with him, He told me that "birds are the eyes of god, they see everything and never as anything of anyone" love this guys outlook to say the least.

Keith (Speedy) + Carl Moore by Brian Green

I spend around 5 hours this morning roaming the streets of downtown Orlando again. Right after i parked my car i ran into this guy Keith or Speedy as hes known by everyone on the streets, He instantly busted into pose and said i could take his photo if i wanted i decided to go sit with him and chat for a bit while he waiting to catch a buss. 

speedy 2.jpg

After he got on the bus i went back to walking up and down streets like i do most morning and i ran into another guy while leaving a 7 Eleven, His name was Carl I offered him a smoke and sat to talk with him. We talked for awhile about both of our travels and what it was like living on the streets and such i seen some beer in his cart and i offered to grab him two more if he would let me shoot him some he said i was more than welcome to photograph him ether way but of course he would not turn down beer. We ended up talking more than anything else.

I am really glad i am able to meet these people that do not seem to take a single thing for granted.

Carl Portrait .jpg