moving forward towards boston / by Brian Green

Im packing up my buddys car thursday of next week and finally will be heading back to Boston, I plan to have a much higher output of content this year and look forward to getting this move over so i can start having a normal work space and work flow again.

Right now im on the floor of a spare room in my parents house which has drained a lot out of me but it will all work out in the end.

Im going to be releasing a new singing bowl session every day that the previous one hits 1000 views before i move to Boston after that i will start uploading a new session every Friday. Hopefully having this schedule will help more people know when to listen to the new one.

Below is a session i put up tonight.

Im also working on a lot more collage and sketch work as well as other physical mixed media works i plan to start showing as things feel right so keep checking back for that.