Keith (Speedy) + Carl Moore / by Brian Green

I spend around 5 hours this morning roaming the streets of downtown Orlando again. Right after i parked my car i ran into this guy Keith or Speedy as hes known by everyone on the streets, He instantly busted into pose and said i could take his photo if i wanted i decided to go sit with him and chat for a bit while he waiting to catch a buss. 

speedy 2.jpg

After he got on the bus i went back to walking up and down streets like i do most morning and i ran into another guy while leaving a 7 Eleven, His name was Carl I offered him a smoke and sat to talk with him. We talked for awhile about both of our travels and what it was like living on the streets and such i seen some beer in his cart and i offered to grab him two more if he would let me shoot him some he said i was more than welcome to photograph him ether way but of course he would not turn down beer. We ended up talking more than anything else.

I am really glad i am able to meet these people that do not seem to take a single thing for granted.

Carl Portrait .jpg