Late Night Adventures by Brian Green

My phone died last night while we were out the other night and I forgot my camera so I used my girls crappy cell phone to take pictures throughout the night. Here is some of them. 

Adventure Down South by Brian Green

Me and Casey packed up a rental car thursday night (the 18th) and headed down south. We were going there to visit my family and get my singing bowls I left at my moms house while I was traveling a lot. We decided to make this trip a loosely planned adventure acting on impulse quite a bit and that led to a lot of thrift store stops, we also swam under a waterfall.

During this trip we spend time in Anderson, Sc Myrtle Beach, Sc And Chapel Hill, Nc.

This blog post is a handful of the photos taken during the trip and they are in no certain order.

Exploring In The Woods by Brian Green

Me Casey and Jennifer decided to go for a little ride to the boat loading the other day and when we got there we decided to follow a little path into the woods and see where it would take us, and of course I made sure to have a few cameras in hand.  


Getting Ready To Hit The Road by Brian Green

Me and Casey are getting our film together and packed in a bag for our road trip we leave for on Thursday night, we are heading down south to visit a few places. We will be making a little limited zine with pictures taken during the trip and that will be out after we get back. 

If you would like to see pictures during the trip check out our Instagrams at: 

@meyouanddoom & @kseahess

I might record some video along the way as well so be on the look for a little video in the future as well. Thanks for checking things out.