Neighborhood Watch by Brian Green

I was working on this series "Neighborhood Watch" that was brought to a halt on 8/15/15. I was using this series as document of the people who lived in or passed through the little street I lived on in Boston.

While shooting that friday night I took a guys photo who would a hour later kick in my kitchen door breaking the door frame and attack me ending in me stabbing him.   

Yard Work by Brian Green

My neighbor across the street was doing some yard work today so I decided to set up my little camera to shoot some video and then took a still image as well. This guy loves his hedges I see him twice a week sometimes working on them I wonder if its as soothing for him while his is doing it as it is for me watching. 


A Week In New York by Brian Green

I have been in New York for the past week shooting for a new little book I am working on. It has been a long week walking around non stop taking photos and living off pizza. Last night I hopped on a late Amtrak putting me into Boston early this morning so I am still running on low battery but getting there.

Below is a little video of me shooting in the city and two photos from the train ride home. 

Craigslist Rideshare From MA to NYC by Brian Green

This afternoon I was sitting around and decided to look and see if there were any rideshare's on craigslist going anywhere interesting. I saw this guy Andrew leaving from Cambridge, MA going to NYC so I figured I would hit him up. These are some photos I took during our ride up. Ill be spending the next week or so in Bed-Stuy or until I find a ride somewhere else. 

Contact Sheets by Brian Green

For the past year I have been running around the streets of Boston like a crazy person shooting 1-2 rolls of 35mm a day. I have always loved the look of contact sheets so figure I would post a handful of them here for people to see.