Mountain Xpress Interview by Brian Green

I have never been a super huge fan of interviews because you are putting your words in someone else's hands hoping they translate them to paper as you said and intended for them to be. 

I did a interview with Carrie from Mountain Xpress the other week before I left for my trip up the east coast and upon arriving back to Asheville I was greeted with a lovely paper. I am happy with what she wrote and I think everything turned out great. Thank you.

To read the article you can go to the Xpress site here,

You Don't Need Permission When You Have A Staple Gun by Brian Green

I did a interview yesterday with a lady from Mountain Xpress which is a weekly newspaper rag about current things going on in town. She wanted to interview me about a construction wall I have taken over and started using as a little pop-up gallery of sorts about a month ago.

When she asked how I went about getting permission I jokingly replied "you don't need permission when you have a staple gun". Below are some photos a friend took for me one night while I was hanging up the first set of photos. 

Asheville Sirens by Brian Green

My buddy tuck came into town today to help me shoot some footage for my kickstarter video. While we were out shooting we heard sirens so of course I had to go find them. When we arrived to where the sounds were it was the bus station and below is some of the photos I shot. 

The Morning Cup by Brian Green

I was walking in between two buildings today and my hands were so cold I could barely feel the shutter button at this point. I walked past a dumpster and there was this woman sitting there drinking coffee after I took this photo I sat and talked with her for a little bit about how people struggle in life and how sometimes with one little helping hand we could get a foot up. 

It always interesting to me to hear peoples perspective on life and what not as that is the core of most of my work.