Rattling Steel by Brian Green

I have spent the past week traveling around the east coast with my buddy Jason riding trains while I have been taking photos for my new book " A Home Away From Here". The book will be made of photos and stories from the trip. The book will be around 100 pages mostly photos with some information here and there as needed to give some context to where we are and whats going on. 

For the photos I just grabbed whatever expired film I had laying around and a point and shoot as well as a few waterproof disposables incase it rained on us I did not want to miss a photo. 

Four Days In New York by Brian Green

Last week I decided to take a trip to New York to work on a new book. I went to bed at 2:30am and was up by 4:30am to get to the train on time. I met up with Andrew a guy I met while doing my Amtrak trip last winter while in MN, Andrew just recently moved to New York last week so what better time to go visit. 

We started to walk around as soon as I arrived to Penn Station and it quickly became clear that I did not bring enough film with me so we made a stop to see my buddy who works at a camera store to refuel. By the end of the trip I shot 24 rolls of film.

The trip was tiring to say the least shooting most of the days from sunrise to sunset. There were a few altercations during the trip with people getting mad for having their photo taken but nothing too serious for the most part. 

I will post more information about the book and how to obtain a copy in the weeks to come. 

Below is some footage from a gopro I had mounted on my hotshoe of the Leica for parts of the trip to give a first hand look how a few of the photos happened, Some of the photos will be in the book. 

Amtrak Spotlight by Brian Green

I received a email from Amtrak about wanting to do a interview about my work they had been following on Instagram. I spent the month during winter break traveling around the country. I took fifteen trains in thirty days to do a small loop of the US for a newspaper zine I am working on titled Passing Through" 

To read the full interview hop over to their blog at,