New York

A Week In New York by Brian Green

I have been in New York for the past week shooting for a new little book I am working on. It has been a long week walking around non stop taking photos and living off pizza. Last night I hopped on a late Amtrak putting me into Boston early this morning so I am still running on low battery but getting there.

Below is a little video of me shooting in the city and two photos from the train ride home. 

Four Days In New York by Brian Green

Last week I decided to take a trip to New York to work on a new book. I went to bed at 2:30am and was up by 4:30am to get to the train on time. I met up with Andrew a guy I met while doing my Amtrak trip last winter while in MN, Andrew just recently moved to New York last week so what better time to go visit. 

We started to walk around as soon as I arrived to Penn Station and it quickly became clear that I did not bring enough film with me so we made a stop to see my buddy who works at a camera store to refuel. By the end of the trip I shot 24 rolls of film.

The trip was tiring to say the least shooting most of the days from sunrise to sunset. There were a few altercations during the trip with people getting mad for having their photo taken but nothing too serious for the most part. 

I will post more information about the book and how to obtain a copy in the weeks to come. 

Below is some footage from a gopro I had mounted on my hotshoe of the Leica for parts of the trip to give a first hand look how a few of the photos happened, Some of the photos will be in the book. 

Back and Forth by Brian Green

Ive been running on almost no sleep lately between all of the prints I have been working on and coming to New York every weekend its catching up to bad theres to much to do. I am working towards a trip / zine I want to do for winter traveling around the east coast and mid west spending about a day or two per city/place. If you would like to give me a hand housing me for a night please get in touch. 

Exploring Dead Horse Bay by Brian Green

The other day I hopped on two busses with my friend out to the bay down in Brooklyn to collect some old glass bottles for some upcoming projects. Its is beautiful and sad at the same time, All these lovely glass bottles but on the flip side it also looks like a barren wasteland with this shipwrecks and horse bones scattered around. 

Here is a little video clip I took as well as some photos.

Brooklyn Bus Stops by Brian Green

Some people say the cities we live in would be beautiful without graffiti, I personally would love to see a world with less advertisement.

I have spent the last week in Brooklyn occupying a few blocks of ad space. I spent my days ether replacing advertisement with my poetry or leaving them blank. 

Fiber + Paint Colab w/ Rhiannon Platt

try to not get to comfortable none of us will be here long.