Contact Sheets by Brian Green

For the past year I have been running around the streets of Boston like a crazy person shooting 1-2 rolls of 35mm a day. I have always loved the look of contact sheets so figure I would post a handful of them here for people to see.

Four Days In New York by Brian Green

Last week I decided to take a trip to New York to work on a new book. I went to bed at 2:30am and was up by 4:30am to get to the train on time. I met up with Andrew a guy I met while doing my Amtrak trip last winter while in MN, Andrew just recently moved to New York last week so what better time to go visit. 

We started to walk around as soon as I arrived to Penn Station and it quickly became clear that I did not bring enough film with me so we made a stop to see my buddy who works at a camera store to refuel. By the end of the trip I shot 24 rolls of film.

The trip was tiring to say the least shooting most of the days from sunrise to sunset. There were a few altercations during the trip with people getting mad for having their photo taken but nothing too serious for the most part. 

I will post more information about the book and how to obtain a copy in the weeks to come. 

Below is some footage from a gopro I had mounted on my hotshoe of the Leica for parts of the trip to give a first hand look how a few of the photos happened, Some of the photos will be in the book. 

Finding A Tiny Boat Under A Bridge by Brian Green

Me and my friend Rowan were walking around downtown yesterday and while walking across one of the bridges we saw a tiny little boat have under water under the bridge. We decided to hop a fence and go around and turn it over to see if it would float. After we saw that it was not taking on water Rowan went to a near by construction spot and grabbed some scrap wood for us to use as paddles.

We took the boat down the Back Bay Fens waterway until we were under Storrow Drive right up against the Charles River. We had hit a dead end so we had to get out and walk the boat over the four lane highway and put it into the Charles. After we made it across the highway it was pretty smooth from there, we took the Charles for a few hours and then left the boat in the woods near the waters edge.