Neighborhood Watch by Brian Green

I was working on this series "Neighborhood Watch" that was brought to a halt on 8/15/15. I was using this series as document of the people who lived in or passed through the little street I lived on in Boston.

While shooting that friday night I took a guys photo who would a hour later kick in my kitchen door breaking the door frame and attack me ending in me stabbing him.   

Contact Sheets by Brian Green

For the past year I have been running around the streets of Boston like a crazy person shooting 1-2 rolls of 35mm a day. I have always loved the look of contact sheets so figure I would post a handful of them here for people to see.

No Justice Just Us by Brian Green

Tonight in Boston we protested for Mike Brown and Ferguson to shine light on this corrupt "justice" system we have. Roughly 1'400 of us marched down Mass Ave and onto the connector that leads to the southeast expressway. We were met at the expressway by a wall of police about five rows deep. Here are some of the images I shot tonight.

Occupy Boston Ad Space by Brian Green

This is a page from my upcoming zine “Tomorrow Perhaps” explaining how to make a key to unlock Boston bus shelter advertisements by the company, “JCDecaux”.  I can not speak for everyone but I am sick of having ads for things in my face every time I step outside I know it is the world we live in but it is growing more and more each day. So here are some tools to help out in Boston. 

Also Jordan Seiler is making keys for New York and various other places for those interested in taking over spaces there. His website is,

Please spread this around and occupy these ad spaces.