Latent Image Issue No. 3 by Brian Green

I have to pleasure of having a little three page spread in issue No. 3 of Latent Image Magazine. It features some of my work from my series Strangers Along The Way, where I traveled from Asheville, NC to Boston, MA and back shooting photographs of the people I see in the towns along the way. 

You can find more information about the series, HERE.

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Today I tagged along with graffiti writer AVOID and his friend, TRAIN TO POKIPSE author Rami Shamir. We drove off deep into the North Carolina wilderness to a dead end road then walked for awhile deeper into the woods until we hit tracks. We walked on the line for awhile until we went through a few tunnels, Then after a train passed they started to paint. Below are some photographs and video documenting the adventures we had over about 8 hours of painting.