When I was younger in high school I became really interested in doing more and more with skating. I started messing around in my grandpas wood shop making little flat cruisers. Nothing too crazy, but having fun none the less. I've always wanted to take that a step further and do something like this, but was never able to take the leap until now. 

Skating has been a big part of my life since I was young. I think it's one of those things that if fully embraced, for whatever reason, can be very helpful and motivating in life. I dont think it matters if your bombing hills or doing big sets, just being on a board is enough.

My hope is to bring a new look to board graphics with more focus on art.

This is me hoping to give back to a culture that helped me all these years thus Hand Rolled Gold is born.

The first board was designed by my friend Lee Noble. All future boards will be done by me but I really wanted to kick this one off with a friend and I think it turned out perfect. 

Thanks for all the support.